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Started by healthcare and technology experts to do better for entrepreneurs

Backed by top investors including Sequoia Capital, our team has powered billions of health data requests for companies like Cerner, Philips, Sutter, and McKesson. We've built data science infrastructure for Apple, top 10 global banks, and the leading intelligence agencies.

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Our Leadership

Chief of Staff at Data Collective-backed catalyst fund focused on machine learning in insurance and healthcare. Was one of eight voting members representing bondholders in General Motors restructuring; did core work on $5.3B pharma proxy contest for Amylin Pharmaceuticals; 10+ years of private equity experience.

Designed, a $1.1B unicorn using AI to recruit engineers. Rebranded and redesigned the Rover content app. Tripled active users in two months, features written by Inc and Forbes for his work, enabled sale of company to RevContent.

Built a remote medical data company that became the core offering of Validic, processing over a billion health data requests monthly from companies like Cerner, Philips, Medtronic, Kaiser, and Sutter. Advisor to Doctorbase, recently acquired by Kareo. Mentor at 500 Startups and Singularity University.

Developed core of Cloudera's Data Science Workbench product. Lead engineer on iOS analytics, the infrastructure that Apple uses to accumulate data from every iPhone and iPad it sells. Led engineering on the Apple Watch's data pipelines. Senior Software Engineer in Search at Yahoo! previously. Stanford AI PhD candidate.

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Can I get an offer even if I’m not ready to sell?

Yes! OpenClaims’ pricing process is free and without any obligation. It is an opportunity to discover what your business is worth.

Is OpenClaims the buyer or the broker?

OpenClaims is the buyer.

We buy 100% of your business directly from you, which allows us to turn around offers in 24 hours and close in as little as 1 week. By removing the broker from the sales process, we’re removing the hefty broker fees and shaving time and uncertainty off a stressful process.

How long does OpenClaims’s sale process take?

You can get an offer as soon as tomorrow. You'll choose how quickly you want to close, and how long a transition you'd like.

To get started, you'll need to submit your business to OpenClaims. The process involves a few questions to pre-screen your business. It’s free and only takes a few minutes.

What does OpenClaims do with the businesses it buys?

Our in-house team operates each business, continues to deliver the phenomenal experience your customers expect, and explores new opportunities for growth and improvement. Our aim is to unlock new heights for your business using advanced technology to support your top-notch service.

As founders and builders ourselves, we empathize with the love and tenacity you poured into making your business what it is today. When you sell your business to us, you're trusting a team with deep experience in the field. We'll make sure you're able to proudly point to how you built something that changed healthcare.

How do I know if my business is a fit for OpenClaims?

The best way to find out is to try out OpenClaims’ pricing process! It only takes a few minutes, and there's no obligation if you receive an offer.

We're willing to work with founders even when revenue has sharply declined, and when lenders like the SBA, banks, or private institutions won't come in. One of the things we love most is helping other founders through tough circumstances to help everyone win together.

How does OpenClaims build its offer?

OpenClaims’ model uses the information you provide, together with a proprietary database of historical transactions and market data, to build an offer.

Our offers include no broker fees and tax-optimized transaction features that deliver big increases in take-home payouts. Our offers also include a degree of alignment that means we can move fast, closing in weeks instead of having companies sit on the market for more than a year.